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Cavit Scale Bluetooth Arabic Scaler for iPhone/iPad App to set Arabic Quarter Tones Scales, transpose, oktave and ribbon controller on your keyboard. For using this app you must download it from Apple App Store.

  • Audiomodeling SWAM Instruments
    SWAM Bass Clarinet, SWAM Clarinet, SWAM Baritone Sax, SWAM Tenor Sax, SWAM Alto Sax, SWAM Soprano Sax, SWAM Contrabasson, SWAM Bassoon, SWAM English Horn, SWAM Oboe, SWAM Bass Flute, SWAM Alto Flute, SWAM Flute, SWAM Piccolo, SWAM Piccolo Trumpet ,SWAM Trumpet C, SWAM Trumpet, SWAM Flugelhorn, SWAM Flugelhorn Eb, SWAM Alto Trombone, SWAM Tenor Trombone, SWAM Tenor Bass Trombone, SWAM Bass Trombone, SWAM Double Bass Trombone, SWAM French Horn F, SWAM French Horn Bb, SWAM Euphonium, SWAM Tuba Eb, SWAM Bass Tuba, SWAM Violin, SWAM Viola, SWAM Cello, SWAM Double Bass
  • HRSOUNDS Kontakt Libraries
    HR Strings Black EditionOriental Pack BundleHR Oriental Pack 2Accordions and Cello BundleHR Accordions 1
    Best of Synth 2Best of Synth 1Best of Synth 3HR Leads BundleBest of Synth Bundle
  • KORG – Nautilus, KRONOS, M3, Pa1x Pa2x, Pa3x, Pa4x, Pa4X ORIENTAL, PA4X, PA5X OR MG EDITION, PA500, PA600, PA700, PA800, PA600 QT, PA900, PA1000, TRITON EXTREME, TRITON CLASSIC, TRITON STUDIO, TRITON LE, TRITON TR, TRITON Trinity, micro X, X50, KARMA,
  • YAMAHA – MONTAGE, MODX, All PSR-Series – All Tyros-Series – GENOS
  • ROLAND – FANTOM, GS, AX-Edge, AX-Synth
  • Ketron AUDYA, SD 1, SD5, VEGA
  • General Midi Mode
    – Pitch Bend GM-Mode (all Keyboards with Midi In/Out or USB Midi)
  • The connection between the App Cavit Scale and the keyboard/synthesizer are supported with following interfaces:
    • Yamaha MD-BT01 (Bluetooth)
    • Quicco Sound mi.1 (Bluetooth)
    • Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Cable for iPhone / iPad)
    • Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter (Cable for iPad)